How human fashion trends lead the way in collar, harness and leash styles

As pet owners seek functional products that match their own style and disposition, they are leaving their mark on what collars, leashes and harnesses look like. No wonder what is in fashion for humans is also in fashion for their pets. In fact, anything that is popular among humans is likely to have its counterpart as pet accessory also. Take popular and trending textile motifs such as British plaid, space prints, logos and licensed images, including cartoon and movie heroes. [...]

Pet-friendly accommodation

As traveling with animals is becoming the new normal, hotel chains around the world are joining the trend by extending an especially warm welcome to guests’ pets. According to Matt Schuyler, Chief Brand Officer for Hilton, travelers are nowadays looking for accommodation that is ‘100% pet-friendly’ instead of simply ‘pet tolerant’. Canopy, one of the hotel chain’s brands, recently launched the ‘Paws in the Neighborhood’ program. This initiative includes access to a dog bed, food, water bowls, treats and [...]

The booming business of luxury for pets

Companies from various sectors are targeting pet parents who are looking for high-end products and services for their furry friends. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a critical change in buying behavior. Among other things, it boosted the consumption of products within the premium segment, both for people and their pets. In a bid to take advantage of the rising number of pet owners around the world, companies are trying to seduce a new audience of consumers who do not mind spending [...]

E-commerce trends to watch in 2022

The growth in online sales and the pandemic’s impact on purchasing behavior mark the year ahead for pet industry businesses. In addition to the popularization of online shopping at all ages, industry insiders also expect that in 2022 pet parents will invest more in premium products. The way consumers are buying is also different, companies are likely to build more of a community and loyalty around their brands. 搜索 复制