How human fashion trends lead the way in collar, harness and leash styles

As pet owners seek functional products that match their own style and disposition, they are leaving their mark on what collars, leashes and harnesses look like.

No wonder what is in fashion for humans is also in fashion for their pets. In fact, anything that is popular among humans is likely to have its counterpart as pet accessory also. Take popular and trending textile motifs such as British plaid, space prints, logos and licensed images, including cartoon and movie heroes. All are extremely popular on leashes, collars and harnesses. The same goes for trending colors.

The recent focus on the environment means that brands are incorporating the use of more environmentally-friendly materials in product design and packaging. COLLAR now produces a wider range of their Re-Cotton Series, which uses recycled cotton.

But sustainability also has everything to do with quality as far as consumers are concerned. With consumers having more money in their pockets to spend, in addition to more pets to spend it on due to the pandemic, premium accessories for their pets is what they are demanding. Quality standards such as ISO 9001 provide pet owners the peace of mind that they are purchasing products that will last.